GAME CHANGER! – Tuff Truck Challenge Points Change

Dave Camp Win's TTC 2013

After a successful weekend and a massive effort from all teams, the guys at Tuff Events have sat down and analyzed the results and have issued a press release with the massive announcement that team OPWs score was tallied incorrectly on the travel ramp resulting in a game changing swap for the top spot on the podium. This bombshell of an announcement was the result of Tazz (driver of the OPW 40 series) finding the fault himself and in a great show of sportsmanship, making sure that the amendments were made.


So, what does this mean to the final score sheet?


Dave Camp - Winner TTC 2013Does it change the order for competitors and will the top spot be surrendered? In a careful re-tally of the results, OPW was indeed pipped of the top spot, meaning Dave Camp & Hayden Smith of team Rock Rash Racing are THE NEW OFFICIAL WINNERS OF THE 2013 TOUGH DOG TUFF TRUCK CHALLENGE! OPW drops back to second place and with the change, DirtComp is in the belief that no other top 10 positions were altered. However there may be some changes to the lower ranked teams as other travel ramp scores may have been affected. The final place listing for all 61 competitors of this years event will be updated as soon as they are made available.