Tuff Truck Saturday Update

Tough Dog Tuff Truck Challenge Saturday

As of this afternoon, the event is well and truly underway and there have been at least four courses completed by all teams. As it stands, there is less then 30 points separating the top four place getters! Within the top three are a seasoned competitor, a leaf sprung vehicle and a Queenslander.

The tracks have all been revised to offer drivers and navigators a chance to band together and pursue a position at the pointy end of the field. With a fraction over 10,000 people forecast to enter the event by the end of the weekend, this year is officially sets a new record for attendance.

Highlights for the first full day of the event have to be Team Black Dog and their massive jeep with Rockwell top loading diffs squeezing through the Jaw Breaker to reach the 100 point marker; Michael Sweeney in team Rockracing4x4’s Suzuki Sierra remains as one of the only competitors to navigate to the 100 point line of the Snake Racing Frame Twister, his huge launch over the final line landing all of the vehicles weight on the front wheel, subsequently punching the coil-over off it’s mounts and into the bonnet.

Report: Dave Granfield   Pics: Michael Hurren / Steve Godfrey / Randall Kilner

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