Bragging Rights

It hit the offroad retail scene in a big way in 2012, Tuba Art Films majorly successful DVD, Bragging Rights has won over a whole lot of offroad racing followers with slick editing and superb coverage of mainly BITD, SNORE and two SCORE races, including the Baja 1000.

Straight away, this Automotive DVD stands out from the rest. It’s soundtrack is not the usual heavy metal, rock or punk genres, but a refreshing indie-rock song that lends itself to the opening scenes video editing.

Moving into the next section, the race footage is ordered just like the races are ordered through the calendar year – This chronology makes for an easy re-cap of the years events and follows the prep and progress of a number of teams. There are loads of POV (point of view) or in-car camera shots that then seamlessly switch to external shots offering a differing perspective. The editing of the footage alone for this syncing stands this DVD well apart from any predecessors.

There is plenty of action in each section with multiple crashes and close calls throughout. The action is shared amongst all classes of vehicle, meaning you aren’t just watching an advertorial for the top three trophy trucks or class 1 buggies.

The DVD does a good job of offering a perspective of the events that aren’t just from the driver’s point of view. If you are into any form of racing, you’ll appreciate this DVD – Look out for our review of Bragging Rights II – that will be coming out early 2013.

I am left to wonder though, why didn’t anyone pick up the bikini clad hitchhiker that was featured a few times throughout the film?


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