Race Report – 2019 Aust4 Racing Series Round 1

#24 Remson Off Road

The 1stRound of the 2019 Radius Fabrications Aust4 Racing Series was held at Landcruiser Mountain Park on the 26 – 27 April 2019.  The start of a new series brought with it a few changes for event organisers including a grid style start. The first round set in a spectator friendly way to feature 6 main spectator areas all easily accessibly by a 4WD.

Racing kicked off on Friday afternoon following scrutineering and sent all competitors into a single lap qualifying track to determine the starting order for Saturday.

#847 Suited Up Racing

Racing on Saturday morning started at around 8am for the Ultra4 and Ultra4 Limited Class who had an hour to complete as many laps as possible.  Following this the Modified/4WD Pro and UTV class hit the track and again had an hour to complete as many laps as possible.  Following this, both groups continued to hit the track alternating every hour until around 5pm when the light started to fade.

The track itself was approx 6km in length which started and finished at Coopers Stadium and crossed an array of terrain including both rock and sand sections through Yelburn Creek and Cruiser Canyon, Cowah Falls Climbs and Telecom Hill.

#87 Hillfab

Fastest Lap in Ultra4 – Mitchell Thorpe from Thorpe Motorsport with 9m 59s followed by Michael Hayes from Superior Engineering in 10m 49s.
Fastest Lap in Ultra4 Limited – Darryn Bradshaws from Team Bradshaw Racing with 12m 25s followed by Brad Rooks from from CF Racing in 13m 22s
Fastest Lap for UTV – Josh Hill from HillFab with a time of 11m 06s followed by Jamie Wilson from Bearbroom Racing on 11m 15s.
Fastest Lap for Modified Class – Pearce Hutchinson from Suited Up Racing with a time of 19m 53s followed by Miles Brooke from The Drover on 20m 02s

#24 Remson Off Road

All Metal Magic 325 will be held at Landcruiser Mountain Parkon the 21-23rd June.

Photos and Report thanks to Shantyl O’Donnell – SS Photography