In Edition 48 we were introduced to the Dark Knight, a ground up 79 Series Super Tourer build by the team at ARB Coopers Plains for it’s owner Perry to tackle the best of Australia’s wide open spaces. The foundations of the project were laid with a GVM upgrade, OME BP-51 suspension and ARB barwork, but with the build now complete we focus on what makes this LC79 one of the best camping set ups in Australia.

A Custom Aluminum Canopy is fitted to the Dark Knight featuring under body tool boxes on both sides and a full length under canopy drawer. The canopy and tool boxes are colour coded to the vehicle. Dual drop down wheel carriers on the rear of the canopy with a rear access ladder to the roof mounted Pioneer platforms. 

Transforming the 79 Series from an agricultural mainstay, to a touring icon is the alloy CSM Canopy, which neatly packages many creature comforts for life on the road. Outside the canopy you’ll notice the twin wheel carriers on the rear.  These fold down arms bring the spare tyres down to a safe height to load and unload.

Up top a Rhino Platform matching the cab creates a stable platform for taking photos or shooting, utilizing the Kaizen Tactical Platform.

Ionic LED Light Bars are fitted to the front of the Pioneer Roof platform offering an improved spread of light. The Canopy has internal LED lighting and external LED work lights mounted to the Pioneer Roof Platform and to the rear of the canopy.

Central locking side doors open up to reveal a modular storage system with a drop down work bench. A drop slide makes life easier to get into the ARB 47 litre Fridge/Freezer and there’s still plenty of room for the generator, chainsaw and recovery gear. An ARB Twin Compressor with 4 litre Air Tank has been mounted to the inside wall of the canopy, providing 100% duty cycle to run air tools where required, or simply to inflate the tyres.

The Canopy has modular internal storage, with an MSA Drop Down S lide to suit an ARB 47 litre Fridge, there is also a fold down work bench.
A 50L food grade water tank has been fitted under the floor of the canopy allowing Perry to go remote without having to worry about packing drums of water into the canopy itself.
Only the best was used in this powerplant. The latest Redarc BMS takes control over the twin Revolution Power Australia Lithium Batteries and can seamlessly charge through 12V, 240V and solar! The 2000W Redarc Inverter brings household appliances to life, adding a touch of sophistication and bringing camping into the modern age.

Perhaps the masterpiece of this build is the ARB Coopers Plains Lifestyle Energy System. A Redarc BMS (Battery Management System) guards two 100AH Lithium Batteries, providing enough juice to power the household toaster and coffee machine. Perry can simply plug them into the 2000W Redarc Inverter and enjoy breaky on the beach with a double shot Nespresso and vegemite toast!

The big 79 can be connected to mains power to recharge everything on board including the two Century start batteries. When the car is parked up or Perry makes a pitstop at a caravan park, an extension lead is all that is required to bring everything back up to 100%.

By now the big Toyota V8 has proven itself in the market. Although providing good power and torque from factory, Perry decided to have a Steinbauer chip, 3 inch Zetti Exhaust and the Safari Snorkel fitted to give the 79 a little more grunt with the added accessories.
There’s a lot going on in this vehicle but the factory finish is still maintained with quality wiring. Even a second start battery has been installed just in case things go wrong. A fuel filter provided by Diesel Care takes care of any nasty contaminants that might get into the engine. It plumbs in after the factory filter and provides good insurance against dodgy diesel.

Inside the cab, an aftermarket stereo and entertainment system has been fitted to keep everyone entertained on those long hauls, and a custom pair of Recaro seats provide the dreamy comfort you get from a luxury car.

A  custom centre console and roof shelf provides much needed storage in the 79 while still maintaining a clean, factory finish. Since taking delivery of the Dark Knight, Perry has wasted little time escaping the city limits to enjoy the full range of benefits the Dark Knight delivers.

Mounted in the bar is a Warn Zeon Winch wired directly to the battery. The winch has been fitted with synthetic rope and a Fairlead for easy use. ARB Rated Recovery Points make for a safe and easy recovery when the going gets tough.

For more information contact the team at ARB Coopers Plains on (07) 3277 2020