New Product: Flatout Rapid Deflation Valves

If you’re hitting the beach or your favourite trail, it is essential to stop and adjust your tyres to the correct pressure for the application. Flatout Offroad have just released their ‘Flatout Rapid Deflation Valves’ to significantly reduce the amount of time you spend in the carpark airing down.


Flatout rapid deflation valves are replacement tyre valves that incorporate air release ports to allow rapid air deflation. Air down fast by simply unscrewing the black deflation ring a few turns to release air through the deflation ports in the valve steam. Using a standard tyre pressure gauge check the tyre pressure as you release air. At the desired air pressure tighten the deflation ring. Reinflate as per standard tyre valve.


No deflation tools are required and the system utilises a standard tyre gauge. This process clears sand or dirt in the area which assists sealing on re-tightening.

Flatout Rapid Deflation Valves suits most Steel and Aluminium wheels. They use a standard 11.5 diameter valve hole or a new hole can be drilled if required/preferred. They are available now for an introductory price of only $55 for a set of four Flatout Deflation Valves. Fitting instructions are supplied.

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