Elphinstone is heading for a back-to-back – Gascoyne Dash Day Three

The first day of racing on the iconic grounds of the Bidgemia Station lead to a fantastic result from all classes; the auto front runners proving their worth; the local lads on the two-wheeled bikes shining though and the sole 2014 quad entrant traversing the terrain to secure a solid finish.


  • Day one of the main race see’s Elphinstone lead start to finish
  • McShane affirms his win of the recent Australian Safari with a solid drive
  • Bike’s perform exceptionally well with minimal DNF’s


The starting time for the autos was favourable, the five front-runners getting a valuable 2-minute gap off the line. This lead to the first few cars getting a dust free run for most of the race, pitting them against the clock and not against any unavoidable conditions (dust).

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Shane Elphinstone showed form in the #44 Pro Buggy. He poled first at prologue and was blessed with clean air the whole race. He improved on his time over the length of the 180km loop and added a 2 minute 54 second gap to second place (and first Extreme 4WD) place David McShane #881.


#74 Brett Renton followed McShane with a 3-minute dust gap, his Pro Buggy getting sideways often while finding the best line through the WA dust. Chris May #766 was the first of many Production 4WD’s over the line.


In the two-wheeled race, the entrants were motoring through the course until all bikes were halted under red flag at one of the middle checkpoints. This was due to the bike class receiving an earlier than expected start and the gap between autos and bikes getting too narrow.


Daymon Stokie #90 powered through the field on his Honda and increased his lead after the red flag to over 5-minutes. His next rival, #5 Cody Upton, the local lad, come in second place and narrowly (28-seconds) beat fellow Honda rider #6 Mitch Stewart who too third place on a count back of time.


The first senior rider across the line was #208 Colin Tanner, the first Veteran Todd Stewart #301 also coming in 7th overall.


Our sole Quad bike rider #921 John Iuliano narrowly missed out on a top 20 spot overall for the moto classes, he managed a time across the line 38 minutes shy of the lead rider.


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Today’s images courtesy of DirtComp Magazine and KT’s Photography