‘King of the West’ Battle Primed to Reignite in Kal

The battle for the the ‘King of the West’ Title is primed to reignite at the Black Diamond Kalgoorlie Desert Race on October 26-28, 2018 as offroaders converge on the famous gold mining town for Round 6 of the Carnarvon Motel Western Australia Off Road Championship.

2017 saw the inaugural KDR, coming off the back of the successful Kalgoorlie 400. Held in the last week of October- a strategic date as it’s the windiest month of the year (wind is our friend in off road racing) and with a mean temp of 28 degrees meant the 430am starts were more bearable with the sun peaking over the King of the West lake

KDR2017 opened its doors to a car and motorbike division based on the success of both the Finke Desert Race and the Gas Dash.

KDR offered a very challenging and long (156km per lap) off road course encompassing varied terrane from sandy lake country to loamy blue bush. It took in Lake Perkolilli, claimed to be the first natural speedway in the southern hemisphere and gave campers and spectators a great view of a long right hander 4km hot lap around the lake.

Numbers for 2017 shaped up with an even field of Cars and bikes just over a total of 70 competitors, giving organisers plenty do while adjusting to the new format and terrane.

“King of the West” winners of the cars Beau Robinson, (driver) and Navi Shane Hutt, along with Bike winner Michael Burgess, are pumped to be back for KDR2018.

Our first international racer, Richard Crabb from New Zealand had a ball in his newly acquired single seater from Hayden Bentley. In fact, he loved it that much he will be back for KDR2018 and dragging an extra two Kiwi cars with him.

KDR2018 looks to deliver an even better track, with the removal of a couple of parts that couldn’t hold their own. The length this year will be cut to 130km per lap, running 3 laps per discipline over 2 days.

Scrutineering will be held on the Friday evening in the main street of Kalgoorlie, out front of the famous Exchange and Palace hotel.

We opted to alternate the cars and bike laps over the weekend, giving competitors at least a 2-hour window between stages. Last year we found it works extremely well and offers the competitors the opportunity to rest, fix and repair any damage and get them back in the race. As a result, the attrition rates are extremely low.

The start/finish/pits and camping have been moved to a new and exciting area for spectators. Ears will be filled with sound of petrol engines only to be out done by the very distinctive and much-loved off-road expert commentators, Jody and Rusty Bell. The race will under be the control of the very experienced Daniel Rogers giving the race a true professionalism.

The area is on Mt Vetter’s Station, the property of Justin Stevens an avid fan and competitor of the Finke Desert Race and key player in the growth of KDR.

It’s great to see our main sponsors Black Diamond Drilling services and the City Of Kalgoorlie Boulder come on board for a 2ndyear. Their support along with the local sponsors illustrate the belief that The Kalgoorlie Desert Race will continue to grow into a premium off road desert race.

For more information visit: www.kdrwa.com.au

Images and story supplied by: KDR, Gus Lacey