Media Release: AASA Overwhelmed by Support from Off Road Community


Media Release – 8 February, 2017

The Australian Auto-Sport Alliance has been buoyed by the response from the off road racing community since they became a sanctioning partner under their newly formed management group.

Chris Lewis-Williams, Chief Executive Officer of the Benalla Auto Club Inc, a not for profit incorporated association which owns the AASA, says it’s pleasing to have the endorsement and recognition of the AASA as an alternative sanctioning partner for motorsport events.

“In meeting with these clubs, the message we’re getting loud and clear is they felt under-represented in the management of their sport,” Mr Lewis-Williams said.

“Up until we met with them late last year, they didn’t know there was another viable, credible sanctioning partner for their off road events.

“Their events fit perfectly with the AASA, because club and state level motorsport is our core business, our strength, for the past 15 years and we’re able to offer our experience and expertise to them “

An important part of the partnership has been encouraging the off road community to take greater control in the running of their sport.

“We’ve said to these clubs, we don’t want to run your sport, we’ll sanction it, but you are the guys who know off road racing,” Mr Lewis-Williams said.

“We’ll run it in partnership with you, and develop a framework of sanctioning that allows you to do what you want to do, safely.”

There are six rounds of the ARB Australian Off Road Racing Series, of which five have committed to AASA sanctioning under the organising clubs new management group.

The remaining club, Sea Lake, will hold a meeting this Saturday 11th February that will be attended by Chris Lewis-Williams to answer any questions from members.

The opening round of the ARB Australian Off Road Racing Series gets underway at Griffith on 17-19 March.