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Offroad Racers are converging on Carnarvon, in North West WA for the 2015 installment of the Gascoyne Dash. Festivities kick off tomorrow with registration, scrutineering and a street parade at 5pm in coastal Carnarvon, before the racers kick up the dust for the first time on Friday with the Prologue at the Carnarvon Race Course. The bikes and quads start at 8:30am, ahead of the cars which launch from the startline at 10:30am.



The teams then pack up and head east to Bidgemia Station via Gascoyne Junction, where they set up camp on the river banks for the weekend.


The course for 2015 has been freshened up by the committee to reduce wear and tear on the track, while still utilising the best of the iconic terrain through the Kennedy Ranges, Station Tracks and River. Day One will see competitors leave the Coonatha startling for a 201km loop through Bidgemia Station, running through the Lyons North, Junction and Pells checkpoints. The 206 competitive kilometres on Day Two sees a return of the river with the racers dropping in at Lyons South and heading downstream to Winnemia, before climbing out and heading back up to the Junction Crossing and taking the express route to the Coonatha finish line.

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AUTO ENTRY LIST – 5th October
#74 Brett Renton – Pro
#76 David Don – Pro
#944 Shane Elphinstone – Pro
#968 Brad Cooper – Pro
Adam Trewhella – Pro
#6 Neville Yeatman – Prolite
Peter Barrett – Prolite
#721 David Michelmore – Production 4WD
#766 Chris May – Production 4WD
#850 Garry Povah – Extreme 4WD
#877 Scott Overstone – Extreme 4WD
Matthew Hall – TBA
Greg Pickersgill – Extreme 2WD
Darryl Hardman – Extreme 2WD
Mark Murray – Extreme 4WD
Gregory Schultz – Production 4WD

Dirtcomp has offroad racing specialist, Sean McTigue on the ground in WA this weekend to cover the event. Keep up to date with the latest news by following the Gascoyne Dash & Dirtcomp Facebook Pages across the weekend.