With Coffs now behind us the Off Roading Road Show prepares to head further north into the Lockyer Valley for the 5th and final round of the National Championship.

Friday’s activities at the Laidley Showgrounds consists of documentation and scrutiny with the Laidley Show Society doing the catering. There is plenty of caravan powered sites still available which is very convenient for competitors to have scrutiny and documentation on site and only a fifteen minute drive to Mulgowie to start Saturday’s activities.

Dan Brown making a splash in 2013 in his Extreme 4WD Nissan Patrol

The HQ Precinct has undergone a revamp making it more user friendly and caters for the new podium and presentation area. The Prologue Course has also had a change which now bypasses a new property owner who built a new cambered gravel road completely fenced, right on top of the course leading into their house. Nevertheless, the bypass has now been built and the approximate prologue distance is around the 5km mark. The tweaking of the course has been finalised as well, to make it even better than last year with heaps of passing lanes. The surface, in a lot of areas is also covered with a carpet of grass. Watching some of the in car videos of Coffs and seeing how narrow, enclosed and heavily timbered that course was, you will think Mulgowie is a Motorway. I am sure when you see our course you will agree with me, the course construction boys have done an excellent job. As you go over Skyline in Luck’s property, and get an aerial view of the vegetable producing farms, you have to overcome the desire to stop and have a cuppa and take in the wonderful views.

Nev Taylor blasting his V8 GET out of the TJM arena at Mulgowie

The Lockyer Valley is a very fertile area that grows many of the vegetables we purchase from the supermarkets. While you are here, take time for a drive around the valley through Forest Hill, Gatton and Grantham to name a few, and enjoy the cultivation and crops that we are always boasting about. With time still on your side, get your entry in, come to part of God’s Country and above all, enjoy racing your off road machine on this true off road course and partake in an event, worthy of being the final round of the championship.

See you on the 17th October for the award winning TJM Lockyer 300 which is an iconic event for the valley. If you want any questions answered give me a call on my mobile, and if I am not in a position to answer please leave a message and I will return your call.

Barry Neuendorff
Clerk of Course