Tough Tracks Round 1

tough tracks 2014 round one

The season starter of the 2014 Tough Tracks 4×4 Challenge saw round one having to be changed from Emu Creek Extreme Retreat to The Springs 4×4 Park at the last minute due to local council limiting hours available to run the comp in. Luckily some new tracks were organised at The Springs and the competition was back on track.

For the 2014 season Outlaw Class and Challenge Class vehicles were run over basically the same track while Modified Class and Trophy Class were still run on their separate tracks

All classes provided plenty of action and near misses with some spectacular saves keeping the spectators entertained.

Colin Healy and Rick Cleave, Rick Cleave and Colin Healy, Rick Cleave and Colin Healy won the three Trophy Class stages.

Steve Dixon and Mark Whitworth, Keith Barnard and Darren Barnard, Darren Barnard and Aaron Follett won the three Modified Class stages.

Matthew Bond and Jason Bond, Matthew Bond and Jason Bond, Chris Reid and Matt Morgan won the three Outlaw Class stages

Keep a look out for the full report in Dirtcomp Magazine.

Report and pics thanks to Shane Gerrish.