Condo 750 Two Weeks Away

The Slattery Auctions Condo 750 will be holding its 17th annual off-road navigational rally this year on the 11th, 12th & 13th of April. So far there are 40 bikes entered with 5 sidecars. Well known riders Rod Faggoter, Mathew Fish, Paul Smith, locals Todd and Jacob Smith and young local Todd Ridley, who finished top 10 in his first 750 are a few entries already received; as well as 20 cars. With no prologue this year competitors will be seeded on past performances.  The competition kicks off at 8am Saturday & 7.30am Sunday with the rally heading North West of town.

Competitors will experience one of the longest events yet with 750km of competitive track. One leg of the event has a 189km long section were they will splash and dash and will need to rely navigational skills. Slattery Auctions are providing a helicopter to watch the race from the sky to provide urgent medical assistance to competitors.  Australian Safari are again giving one lucky bike rider and Quad rider the chance to WIN an entry to this year’s Australian Safari held in WA. Only two weeks to go till the mud starts to fly, see you in the heart of NSW.

Entries close 1st April so get to the website for supp regs and entry forms.