Olholm Takes Charge in the Silver City

The Silver City 1000 produced some competitive cross country racing today, with three different teams taking stage wins on the fast flowing tracks around Broken Hill. Stepping into the drivers seat of his Dad’s V8 GU Patrol, Will Dunn with navi Gareth Edwards alongside took the first stage win of the event this morning out at Avondale. The Safari hardened Steve Riley and John Doble then ramped up the pace in their V8 powered Mitsubishi Pajero to take the next two stage wins before the lunchtime service break. Running as the first car on the road all day, Geoff Olholm and Gordon Trigg  had been within seconds of the stage winning times all morning, despite hitting a roo and having to open some gates that had been blown shut by the strong winds that have battered the region today. However after lunch they took charge in their Dakar proven Overdrive Hilux, completing the stage over 2 minutes ahead of their nearest rival.This stage on Mt Gipps would prove to be the toughest of the day with gutters, rocks and ditches on the station tracks combined with a long power sapping haul in the soft creek bed sands. Dunn and Edwards then hit back, putting the broken front uni-joint which had forced them to run in 2wd that morning behind them to win the final stage of the day.
When the times for all five stages were tallied, Olholm and Trigg were on top with Riley and Doble in second. Terry Pinson and Richard Den Brimker have settled their 2WD Ford Ute into third after consistently quick stage times all day. Warren Denham and Arron Topliff have their Transvent Triton sitting in fourth, ahead of the GU Patrol of Broken Hill local Kerry Turley and his Victorian navigator, Rohan Canavan, in fifth. The crews have now finished servicing their race cars at the Race Course, fuelling their bodies and marking up their road books in preparation for 300+km of competitive and 200+km of transit stages tomorrow.
The Silver City 1000 is proudly supported by:
Hema Maps, Ironman 4×4, Turley’s Removals and Storage, Cairns Coconut Resort and NKS Auto Electrical
Results After 5 Stages
1 – Car 12 – Olholm/Trigg
2 – Car 11 – Riley/Dobel
3 – Car 19 – Pinson/ DenBrimer
4 – Car 12 – W.Denham/Topliff
5 – Car 24 – Turley/Canavan
6 – Car 14 – M.Denham/Adam
7 – Car 15 – Scanlon/Nunne
8 – Car 27 – Owen/Fazulla
9 – Car 18 – Dunn/Edwrards
10 – Car 22 – Kouri/Kouroi
11 – Car 17 -Schofield/Watman
12 – Car 23 – Rdge/Ridge
13 – Car 13 – Quinn/Gambell
14 – Car 26 – M George/Bailey
15 – Car 16 – Harrington/Harrington
16 – Car 25 – George/Beer
Car 20 A Quinn/Graham (Retired)