SSS Winch Six Day Extreme Kicks Off

Teams are gathering at Landcruiser Mountain Park today for the running of the SSS Six Day Extreme winch competition. Peter Stirling and his crew have been on the ground for the past week setting up the challenging stages and preparing for action. The entries are:

British Offroad – Andrew McFarlane & Mark Calder
RGM Racing – Greg Jackson & Brent Griffin
Skips Stuff Racing – Paul Espig & Brett Spratt
EFS Qld – Brian & David Gregg
Summit Racing – Michael Camac & Spenser Young
Cable Tie Racing – Matt Hills & Rob Cooper
Big Wheels Racing – Paul Whiting & Allan Quinney
Claytons Towing – Wil Neilsen & Michael Bowcock

Dirtcomp will be onsite for most of the week – keep tuned to the website and our facebook page as we will be aiming post updates and images as regularly as possible.