Tuff Truck Friday Update

Tuff Truck

With the annual Tuff Truck Challenge in full swing in the iconic Milbrodale valley – record competitor entries and vendor stands have drawn the biggest crowd to date. Scrutineering was a large success with many of the old teams returning and a selection of impressive new comers bringing with them great concepts and new renditions on old makes and models.

This year the camp sites have been increased to allow for a projection of increased numbers and with more vendors and sponsors, the crowd is set to be suitably impressed.

A few of the previous years winners and podium holders like Dave Camp (rock rash racing), Dan Pitt (Team Pirate) and Mal Van’s former bushranger driven by the new owner were all on display before the launch of the night’s two stages. The Glenn Dobbin Mystery night stage this year has utilized the same section of creek as the year before, giving teams a chance to drive some impressive side slopes and conquer the difficult 80-100 point section.

The Monster Rides Mud Rats Revenge this year emulates a similar layout to the previous year with the addition of another row of tyres to launch teams skyward. Dave Camp showed the crowd the reason why he is a past winner with his blindingly fast drive of the stage and a precision over the tyres that saw forward momentum and his rear wheels in the air on more then one occasion.

Report: Dave Granfield   Pics: Michael Hurren / Steve Godfrey / Randall Kilner

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