Nitto Tyres Australia Backs Aust 4 Series

Nitto Tyres Australia enters the world of Australian offroad racing.

Nitto Tyres Australia has aired their commitment to the Australian offroad racing scene by backing the up-and-coming racing series developed to grow entry level team commitment and see rock racing become a stable form of competition on Australian soil. The series, with three rounds in the 2014 calendar is to be referred to as the Nitto Tyres Aust4 Racing Series.

The Nitto Tyres Aust4 Racing Series was an idea created by Ben English and Dave Granfield back in 2011. The Series is a concept designed to bring a safer and faster style of racing to those traditionally involved in rock crawling events or offroad racing teams looking for a challenge.

There is an international movement towards faster rock racing events and the Nitto Tyres Aust4 Racing Series will be the first of its kind in Australia. With three rounds booked in for the initial 2014 calendar, this series will offer teams an affordable championship in which to accrue points as well as gain spectator involvement with greater viewing areas and plenty of off-track entertainment.

With the recent staging of the world-wide popular King of the Hammers endurance race in the Johnson Valley USA, Nitto tyres has cemented its brand as well as it’s tyre’s reliability in this environment with the overall winner of the race, Loren Healy, choosing to race on Nitto Tyres.

About the Nitto Tyres Aust4 Racing Series

The race directors, Ben English and Dave Granfield, developed the series of events out of pure desire to see the Australian offroad market grow and develop as well as the chance to see teams traditionally associated with rockcrawling nurtured towards attaining fully supported sponsorship agreements.
The three rounds for 2014 are to be held on the following dates:

  1. The Janowen Stampede: 2-4th May, Goomburra QLD
  2. The LCMP 325: 21-23rd June, Jimna QLD
  3. King of the Park: 4-6th October, Manar Park QLD

There are three classes of vehicles invited to race:

  • Stock – Comprising of street driven vehicles which meet the minimum safety and environmental standards
  • UTV – All makes and models of side-by-side vehicles which have been lightly modified to meet safety guidelines
  • Modified – Suited to vehicles that are per-verified for CAMS class 8 as well as winch trucks and Tuff Trucks
  • Pro and Pro-Lite Aust4 – Custom built and non-restricted engine and driveline modifications as long as they meet minimum standards.