5 Minutes with Dave Camp – 2013 TTC winner

This year’s winner, Dave Camp caught up with us and we got a few answers out of him as to the feeling of backing up his 2011 win at the event.

DirtComp: Hi Dave, thanks for taking the time to talk to us, we understand that life after the event can be quite busy; we appreciate your commitment to sharing some of your thoughts. How Much prep did you have to do to get the 40 Series to this year’s event?
DC: Not much really. I was a slack bastard and didn’t put in anywhere near the amount I should have. Hayden and I did a quick spanner check, rebuilt the shocks and put new axles in the front.

DirtComp: After your win in 2011, was entering this year with the aim to get a podium finish?
DC: I always compete to win; I’m not interested in just making up the numbers, as much as I enjoy every aspect of the event from the driving to catching up with all the other competitors I’m there to win.

DirtComp: You managed some amazing drives this year, you broke a few things on the courses and still managed to finish the stages with bits hanging off your car. Tell us what broke and where?

DC: I had a broken front shock on the All-Terrain Stage, another broken front shock & tore the hydro ram mount off front diff on Heart Break Ridge as well. On the Mystery night stage I also managed to kill the engine after hitting the bonus line hard and dislodging part of the ignition wiring.

DirtComp: Despite these afflictions, you managed to hold up quite well for the scores yeah?
DC: Yes, even with the issues we still managed some fair results breaking the 1st shock half way up All-Terrain we pushed on and cleared the coarse with a penalty or two, but had to forget about the bonus line which we had planned on driving. As for Heart Break Ridge, the other shock broke 1 meter into the coarse and jammed into the front rim. I worked hard to drive the car down the coarse with what was like having a brake on that front wheel the whole way. Hayden said to forget the bonus line up I had the sh**s by that stage and told him it was going off there anyway, we drove it and down to past the 80 point marker before rolling the car due to its issues. Once the truck was righted we found that in the roll we had broken the ram mount off and broken two hydro fittings to the steering.

DirtComp: Dave, what was your favourite track this year?
DC: Jaw Breaker. We schooled that bitch!

DirtComp: Lastly dude, take some time to thank the people that matter. We love hearing of successful sponsorship stories, who has made your season possible?
DC: Firstly I’d like to thank all involved in TT from Event organizers down to the volunteers for a great weekend, To my wife and family thanks for supporting me. To the best Navi in the field, Hayd’ I couldn’t do it with out you. To all that help over the weekend you now who you are I really appreciate it. To the other competitors that gave me parts to get back in the game your sportsmanship is appreciated and make the event what it is.
To my sponsors, Superior Engineering and Uni Filter, Hayden and I thank you for your continued support and to Offroad cartel – who have made us feel more like family than a sponsored team we appreciate everything you do to help!