Tough Dog Tuff Truck Challenge – Top 30 Results

Here are the Tough Dog Tuff Truck Challenge provisional results for the Top 30 in reverse order as read out by Tony Price at last nights presentation. Don’t forget to check out the photos from Friday and Saturday in the daily posts – we’ll have some more teaser pics from Sunday up later today. Thanks to Dave Granfield for relaying the info.


30th Last minute racing 758.6

29th Team Opposite Lock 762.4

28th Supreme Smash 777.5

27th ??? 786.1 (Sorry couldn’t hear the team name over the crowd)

26th Claytons Towing  805

25th Abuse Offroad 807

24th The Proclaimer 834.8

23rd Jeckyl and Hyde 839.2

22nd Tuff Turtle 857.3

21st Roadrunner Offroad 865.1

20th Team Green Hornet 896.5

19th Half Cut 912.7

18th Bond Racing 917.3

17th Rock Mulisha 918.4

16th Team Anabolic 919.8

15th Team Barney 930.9

14th Team Confusion 940.9

13th Team Tonka 950.6

12th Army Barbie 962.8

11th Bridgestone Offroad 988.6

10th Team CDRP 1000.5

9th Well Spent 1010.8

8th Anglomoil Superior Lubricants 1045.2

7th JMW Engineering 1051.2

6th Barzook 1055

5th Rockracing 4×4 1085.5

4th Pirate 4×4 1100

3rd Offroad Boss 1104

2nd Rock Rash Racing 1187

1st Team OPW 1197